Fake It Until You Make It: Concealing Dark Circles

Rachel Adler
Model with clear skin


Dark circles are pretty much the bane of every girl’s existence – whether you were genetically cursed with them or are simply over-stressed and over-worked, that pesky dark area under your eyes is one of the hardest spots to conceal and unfortunately doesn’t get better with age. There are countless tips and tricks to hiding your dark circles, and trust us, we’ve tried them all. Whether it’s piling on the concealer or mixing and matching just the right amount of product – we realize it’s a little tricky – and more times than not the product either piles up wrong or slides right off.

Below, we’ve listed out the tips and tricks you need to properly hide your dark circles so you can fake flawless skin – and no one will be any wiser.

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Use a cream concealer:
Use a brush or finger to gently apply a cream concealer with your ring finger, as creams will stay put and won’t crease as easily. You want to start at the inner corner of your eye, working outwards.

Always build in layers:
When applying your concealer, keep in mind that although the area may be dark and you may be tempted to pile on the product, always gently build on the color in layers. It’s always easier to add on than it is to take away, and this way you won’t run the risk of the area being too “gunky.”

Add a highlighter:
Use a highlighter pen just below the area you concealed to add brightness and lift to the eye. Try a highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin to make sure it really brightens.

Set with pressed powder:
Finish your look by setting your concealer with pressed powder. Dip a powder puff or a sponge in powder and press it gently onto the area you just concealed to set. Be careful not to drag the sponge, though, as that will smudge your makeup!