How To Find The Best Brush For Your Hair

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Our friends at show you how to match your hair’s unique texture with the perfect brush to get you amazing results!

How to Find the Best Hair Brush For Your Individual Hair

most women, the best part of getting their hair cut is the blow dry
that comes at the end of any salon experience. But more often than not,
the next day only brings a sigh of disappointment as the previous day’s
fabulous blow out falls limp and can’t be replicated.

While it can be difficult to perfectly replicate a professional’s blow out, Carolyn Riley of Cutler Salon explains that by buying the right hair brush for your hair’s specific
texture, you can easily achieve the look you want at home. Riley
provides us with her four favorite brushes and demonstrates how to use
them to make your hair look its best!

Round Bristle Brush (Spornelle Brush):


Good For: Women who have fine hair or curly hair but want smooth, straight hair with a nice shine and a little volume.

How To Use It:
Begin with wet hair, and start at the hairline root to smooth out the
curls and kinks that commonly occur around the root. The key to getting
smooth hair with just a little volume is to pull the hair straight up
and away from the head and blow dry the hair. The clustered bristles of
the brush will naturally give your hair shine.

Ceramic Round Brush:



Good For: Women with textured curls who want voluminous, smooth hair and a soft curl.

How To Use It: Begin by spraying the hair with Cutler Specialist Protectant Treatment
spray, focusing on the ends, which will help detangle the hair. Because
ceramic brushes are specifically intended for heating, you need to
protect your hair from the heat. Blow dry without a brush until the
hair is 90 percent dry. To get a nice curl from the middle of your hair
down, wrap the hair around the barrel of the brush and blow dry. For
more volume, tip your head a little and just pull the brush straight
through the hair.

Bonus tip: Generally
speaking, the bigger the round brush, the bigger the curl. If you just
want more volume and a little bend to the hair, use a bigger brush. If
you want more curl to the hair, use a smaller brush. If you can wrap
your hair around the brush more than twice, it’s too small and you’re
more likely to get it tangled.

Nylon Paddle Brush:


Good For: Women with longer hair of any texture who want non-pin straight hair with body and volume.

How To Use It:
First off, choose a paddle brush that is about the same size as your
palm for comfort as you work. For a simple blow dry, tilt your head
upside down and cross brush the hair on diagonals around the head. The
brush will naturally help you get volume into your hair because it is a
vented brush with space between the bristles.

Bonus tip: Use the brush vertically (instead of holding the brush horizontally) when your hair is wet to help detangle it.

Mason Pearson Brush:


Good For: Women
who have any type of curl texture — be it really tight curls or loose
curls — in their hair, but want smooth hair at the root while
maintaining volume.

How To Use It: The Mason Pearson brush
is a high-end professional brush retailing at about $90, but it’s a
worthwhile investment. The design of the brush with its natural boar
and nylon bristles helps do all the difficult work for you. Just like
with the paddle brush, turn your head upside down and blow dry across
your head alternating the angle of the brush.

Bonus tip:
The Mason Pearson brush is ideal for smoothing cowlicks and difficult
curly roots. To control your cowlick bangs, push the hair across the
face in one direction, then the other, and then down while blow drying
the hair.

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist which hair brush
they recommend. Talking to them about how to style your hair at home
will open you up to better hair care to keep you happy and your hair

Contributed by: Janice Chou





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