8 Tricks to Beat the Bloat for Bikini Season

Augusta Falletta
girl in white bikini

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Now that bikini season is around the corner, one of the biggest concerns we have is figuring out how to beat bloating (or at least get it under control). Caused by excess air and water pockets in your body that can come about from not being able to digest foods properly, bloating can certainly be helped, and even stopped, by using a few easy tricks. To beat the bloat in time for bikini season, check out the tricks below!

Put down the soda: Between the artificial sweetener (more on that later) and the carbonation that comes with soda, you’re simply drinking air that will then bloat your stomach. Switch to water or an herbal tea, cutting out soda entirely.

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Cut back on salt: Sodium’s main job is to help the body retain water, which is a huge cause of bloating. Cut back on salty foods and replace them with fresh vegetables, or use different seasonings to spice up your meals. Also, watch out for frozen meals and processed foods, which use extra sodium to help preserve the foods longer.

Smaller meals more often: Keep your metabolism constantly working by switching to smaller meals more often during the day instead of loading up on a ton of food at lunch or dinner time.

Drink more water: It may sound counterintuitive, but when you feel like your stomach is ready to burst, start downing water. It’ll help your body break down any sodium and toxins that it’s having trouble digesting, working to clear out your system.

Take probiotics: Whether you eat probiotic-rich foods (like yogurt) or you start taking a probiotic supplement, start working this into your diet. Probiotics help to regulate the balance of good bacteria in your body and they aid in digestion, which means that your body will be better equipped to take on everything you eat.

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Yoga to massage your organs: Gentle yoga practices like Vinyassa and Hatha work to get your body moving and flowing again, and certain poses are geared towards massaging your inner organs, which can help get them to start moving and performing the way they should. If you can’t get to yoga, you can simply place your hands on your stomach while laying down, gently massaging the area with small, circular movements.

Watch out for artificial sweeteners: Like we mentioned before, artificial sweeteners — like the ones in soda — are one of the main culprits of bloat. Your body can’t always digest them properly, which can cause major bloating and gassiness. Swap out artificial sweeteners for natural sweeteners, or cut them out completely, replacing sugary foods with fruits and other naturally sweet options.

Walk for 15 to 20 minutes a day: If you’re constantly sitting or laying down, your body isn’t getting the movement and oxygen it needs to properly digest and get rid of excess air bubbles, which cause bloating. You don’t need to train for a marathon, though; simply walk briskly for 15 or 20 minutes a day to say goodbye to bloating.