Dear Wesley: How Can I Battle Summer’s Frizz?

Wesley O'Meara

Dear Wesley,

How can I battle those little frizzies next to my hair line in the summer weather?



Those little frizzies! They are the bane of everyone’s existence in these warmer months. Aside from gelling them down when you tie your hair back, there is little you can do to fight them. What does work, however, is a good blow dry. You can douse the pieces with a thickening spray (I recommend Redken Rootful Root Lifting Spray), thickening spray is more of a holding product than a “thickening” product, and it is called this because when the product is utilized it holds the hair up on end giving a visually thicker look. Anyway, spray the bits with the thickening spray and take your round brush and blow those puppies out. This action mixed with my earlier anti-frizz post, will keep them nice and straight all day… That is if you don’t sweat. If you wear your hair curly try using Bumble & Bumble’s curl conscious cream for thick hair.

Hope this answers your question, and good luck with your summer hair!

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