Pro Eyeshadow Hacks That Will Totally Up Your Makeup Game

Victoria Moorhouse
how to apply eyeshadow story

Photo: ImaxTree

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeshadow palettes. I don’t really want to admit how many I own (they’re so pretty), but when it comes to actually using the products and putting the powder on my lids, I struggle something serious. But I do find solace in the fact I’m not the only one who has a hard time making it look good. Sick of the inconvenience of having a less-than-mediocre smokey eye, I went to an expert for a few hacks that will teach me how to apply eyeshadow just like a pro.

You need more than one brush.
This is probably not something you want to hear, we realize that. Everyone wants one brush that is a multitasking wonder, but according to Editorial Makeup Artist Robert Greeneyou should have one brush to apply the color and then another for the blending! “The key to a good blend is to have a perfectly clean brush on hand,” he says. “Use lighter brush strokes back and forth for a soft seamless blend. My favorite is the MAC #217  Brush ($25,”

Close your eyes to prevent smearing.
I, for one, always deal with shadow smearing. If this is your main struggle, Greene suggests using a long-lasting creme eyeshadow and keeping your eyes shut until it dries.

Apply your shadow wet!
“I think women should know that some eyeshadows can be applied wet! I love this trick,” he says. “This gives you maximum pigmentation and staying power!” To do this, Greene says to slightly wet your brush slightly and then dip it into the shadow. He notes that this trick is best used on shimmery, powder shadows. 

Double up your shadow and use it as liner.
Matte eyeshadow can be dampened and used as liner, explains Greene! “I like to use a matte black (or brown) shadow with a wet liner brush, and you instantly have a liquid liner option that’s easy to apply,” he explains.

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