How to Style a Perfectly Undone Bun


Have you ever attempted a messy, undone hairstyle only to end up looking like a deranged hot mess? Somewhere along the styling timeline, your sexy bedhead look transformed itself into an updo that clearly implies you just snuck out of someone’s apartment the morning after…you know what.

Well fret not — there is still hope for achieving a deliberately tousled and stylistically romantic look; Stacy Ho of Cutler Salon shows us how to style the perfectly undone bun!

Step 1 (above)
This style will work on either clean or dirty hair. Take care to brush the hair thoroughly to work out any kinks.

Step 2:
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Lighten the weight of the hair with Cutler Treatment Spray. Then, lightly spray Redken 09 Workforce hairspray to revive the hair and give it more flexibility and mobility.

Step 3:

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Give the hair a clean side part. Pulling hair from the front of the hairline, feed the hair into a low ponytail.

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Step 4:
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Start twisting the ponytail clockwise through to the ends. Don’t worry about any hairs poking through the twist; let them hang freely for a more romantic effect. If you feel your twist needs to be more secure, you can spray the Redken Workforce hairspray onto the ponytail before you begin twisting.

Step 5:
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Take the end of the ponytail and wind it around the base close to the head. Twist the hair so that it sits low at the nape of the neck.

Step 6:
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Secure your bun with bobby pins.

Step 7:
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If you want a sleek look, you can apply the Cutler Flyaway Stick and rub down any flyaways at the crown of the head to further define the part. Here, however, Stacy chose to leave the front of the hair down a bit for a very feminine, romantic look.

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