How to Straighten Your Hair Without Sacrificing Volume


After the hair brush, a straightening or flat iron is just about the simplest hair tool there is, but it can still be a little tricky to get your hair to look perfectly straight. Oftentimes, our straightening attempts are defeated by either a kink at the root or our limp tresses losing all body. Well cheer up, Buttercup! Carolyn Riley of Cutler Salon is here to rescue your limp locks. Below, she demonstrates how to straighten your hair while keeping volume in the roots. Read on for some simple tips on how to get a salon-worthy, straight head of hair at home!

Step 1:
Start with wet, clean hair. Finger comb a light mousse into the hair to make it lighter and more fluffy; Carolyn recommends Redkens Blond Glam Dream Whip Mousse which actually works for all hair colors. First towel dry to get out some moisture, and then use a blow dryer until the hair is about 90 percent dry.

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Step 2:
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Flip your head upside down and brush the hair with a vented brush with nylon bristles or a Denman brush. Move the brush from the back of the head forward to force the hair in the opposite direction, which will give it more volume and natural lift at the root.

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Step 3:
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Divide the hair into small one to two-inch sections. Approximate about 1/3 of your hair’s full length from the bottom, and straigten from there to ends using a flat iron.

Step 4:

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Spray Redken Wool Shake Cotton Infused Gel Shake onto your final look. The Wool Shakewill make the hair appear thicker with a little bit of hold — an amazing alternative to hair spray.

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