How Should I Do My Makeup If I Have Glasses?

Kristin Gallegos

Dear Kristin,

What are some “do’s” and “don’ts” in regards to makeup for girls who wear glasses?



I love a girl in glasses! It’s a very chic look. I wear them myself when I work and when I read. I prefer a thicker rimmed look on myself. All of you girls that wear glasses know that what you do with your makeup can be tricky. If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller you want to make them pop! And if your prescription makes them look bigger than you don’t need to wear quite as much.

First off I’d say that less is more on the eyes in general. You are already drawing attention to your eyes with your glasses so no need to do a full smokey eye. But I think its very important to start with a bit of concealer under your eyes to take away any dark circles. Glasses will only emphasize them as they usually cast a shadow. And if your glasses are magnified, like mine, the dark circles will show even more. Properly concealing your eyes will also help you to look more awake! Two of my favorite under eye concealers are YSL’s Touche Eclat and Cover FX’s Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer. Touch Eclat is luminizing and light reflecting. It provides light coverage and brightens the eye area. Every makeup artist I know swears by it, myself included! But if you need a little bit more coverage under your eyes I’d try the Conceal FX. It instantly erases dark circles and stays put all day! You can use a little or layer it for more coverage, its buildable.

If you would like to do some eye makeup, a little eye liner never hurt anyone. I never leave home without it, glasses or not! I’d keep it to neutral colors though and save the bold colors for your lips if you so desire! I would definitely do mascara if anything else. This will open up your eyes. I love to do mascara on top and bottom. But its up to you! My absolute favorite mascara is L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. Its volume building and the blackest black out there. I don’t find it to ever get too clumpy and its not so wet that it weighs down the lashes either. If you like to do mascara on the bottom but don’t want them looking spidery my favorite mascara is Maybelline Lash Discovery. It has the perfect mini brush and it gets every little lash.

Lastly you can draw focus to your brows. Your brows are very important. They frame your face. I’ve always been obsessed with tweezing my brows. Even though my brows never see the light of day with my long bangs. My favorite tweezer is by Tweezerman. I use the standard slant tweezer. And if you are so bold you can fill them in. I love a strong brow! But if you like a more natural look just softly fill in the holes or sparse areas. I prefer to use an angled brush like Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Duo Brush #10A and a powder shadow. I think it looks more natural than a pencil and its much easier to apply. A favorite brow powder of mine is Chanel’s Le Sourcil de Chanel Perfect Brows. You want to go with a color that is a shade lighter than your hair. Unless you have very fair hair than go a shade darker. To finish off use a clear mascara, like Maybelline’s Great Lash in Clear, to set your brows. This isn’t essential but if you have unruly brows this will keep them in place all day and in the perfect shape. You will be surprised at what a difference a nice brow makes!

Kristin Gallegos, a Community NYC makeup artist, will be answering your beauty questions regularly here at Beauty High, so submit any makeup qualms to with the subject: Dear Kristin. Kristin began her work as a makeup artist assisting the talented likes of Dick Page and Lisa Butler to refine her own skills, and has since worked with legendary photographers such as Terry Richardson, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, David Bailey and many others. Her work has been captured in the pages of “Vogue”, “V Magazine” and “Self Service” with clients such as Michelle Monaghan, Amy Ryan, Amber Heard and more. Kristin has also been featured in StyleCaster’s 50 Most Stylish New Yorker’s and The Kiss. You can reach Kristin directly on Twitter @KristinGallegos!

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