How Much Is Too Much Boob?

Megan Segura

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Kat Dennings, star of Two Broke Girls, showed up to the 2012 CBS, Showtime and The CW TCA Summer Party wearing a rather revealing dress. While this particular outfit wouldn’t have caught my eye on anyone else, there are two very big reasons why Kat should have gone with a different option.

A little cleavage can go a long way, but sometimes a big chest can come off a bit tacky. So how much is too much boob? I think a good rule of thumb is if it looks uncomfortable, it’s too much. Seriously, her breasts look like they are suffocating and crying for help!

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Now I know this is a problem I have no business writing about (I have fun-size boobs, like fun-sized snickers bars, but smaller). In the past I’ve only been able to feign empathy when my bigger-chested friends complained about their breasts. but I think I finally have a grasp on the problem, or problems as they were. But just as A-cup gals look ridiculous in a halter, women with double Ds need to use caution when dressing, no matter how annoying it is.

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Fear not, though! There are plenty of celebs out there who set great fashion examples. Gisele always keeps her cleavage classy, unless she’s modeling skimpy lingerie. Kim Kardashian usually keeps her chest completely covered, but when she does dare to bare, she only lets outsiders have a little peek. In the past, Christina Hendricks was a repeat offender of the too-much-boob rule and often wore bras that shoved her breasts up to her chin. Lately, however, she’s kept things chaste while still remaining sexy.

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What are your thoughts on cleavage? Do you agree or disagree with our view of how much is too much?

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