How To Make Blush A Multi-Purpose Product

Rachel Adler

Rather than filling your makeup bag or adorable clutch with twenty of your must-have products, it can be refreshing to simplify your routine by paring down. To help us do that, we called in the experts to show us how to use our favorite products in multiple ways. Karen Robinovitz, creator of the double duty cosmetics brand Purple Lab, shows us how to use blush to make up our entire face.

Follow her steps and tips below to see why blush is the only thing you’ll need the next time you’re running out the door!


Step 1:
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Use a cream blush, (Karen chose Purple Lab Cheek Implants Blush in Six Inch Heels) as it lasts longer on the skin and doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles the way powder blushes do. Use the pad of your finger and gently smooth the blush in a circular motion at the apple of the cheeks.

Step 2:
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Continue applying the blush with your finger until it is blended to perfection. You want to keep it at the apple of your cheeks and make sure to not apply below the laugh lines.


Step 1:
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Use the pad of your finger and blend across the eyelid from the lash line to the crease to add a subtle glow and pop of color to the lid and brighten up your eyes. With any leftover blush on your finger, gently run it down the bridge of your nose to give it a dash of color and create a slim look that highlights your facial features.

All Photos: Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster