10 Things That Don’t Last As Long As Waxing

Victoria Moorhouse
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While it’s definitely not the most pain-free method of hair removal, waxing does free you of body hair for a lot longer than what your measly little razor blade can do. Trust – once you wax, you don’t go back. We found out exactly how long waxing lasts, and to prove its enduring qualities, we compared it to a few things that definitely won’t last as long as that spa appointment.

How long it lasts.
According to Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba NYC, the average wax will last between 14 to 17 days before you start seeing stubble. While hair growth speeds can differ, Kapil says that the more you commit to waxing or even sugaring, the longer your growth cycle can actually become—exfoliating regularly even ups that! Compare that time-frame to a razor—or any of the situations below—and that’s like an eternity, are we right?

What a wax will definitely surpass.
1. Yesterday’s shave. How many times have you woken up with a 5 o’clock shadow under your arms?

2. All that organic produce you just bought at the farmer’s market. If you buy in bulk, you better just plan on throwing out all those bananas.

3. About 9 out of 10 Tinder messages. Sadly, small talk has a life-span of zero.

4. A juice cleanse. It’s a good idea for like five hours… and then your stomach starts to growl.

5. That break from caffeine. All those pics of latte art are so tempting.

6. When you tried unplugging from technology. Post an Instagram pic right before you power off and you’re basically doomed.

7. The weird at-home hair removal gadget you saw on an infomercial at 2 AM. How they make those things look so amazing, the world may never know.

8. Your “plans” for brunch with your long lost friend. You know, the one you have been trying to meet up with for no less than six months. Go through your phone right now and check your countless “Can we just reschedule??” messages.

9. Any time you’ve tried to stop shopping. Zara sale? Game over.

10. Socks. Where do they go!?