How Fitspo Queen Kayla Itsines Transforms Women’s Bodies in Just 28 Minutes

Kayla Itsines is nothing short of an Instagram sensation. The 23-year-old personal trainer has grown a following of 2.4 million dedicated fans, thanks to her 12-Week Bikini Guide e-book that promises to completely transform your body in three months via a circuit-style exercise plan done for only 28 minutes three times a week.

Here are some of the jaw-dropping results shared on Itsines’ Instagram just this week:




I’ve actually been following Itsines’ program for nine weeks now, and while I haven’t noticed a change anywhere near as dramatic, I’m definitely feeling fitter, stronger, leaner, and more toned.

“Many women want to exercise, but feel as though they can’t find the time to do so,” Kayla said, explaining why her program is so successful. “The best thing about my guides is that they are very time effective as they are 28 minutes—that’s just 2% off your day!—three times a week.”

I have to agree: The workouts are actually surprisingly manageable, and I find it near-impossible to find a good excuse not to do them. Seriously, you don’t even have to move from in front of the TV.

As Kayla explains, this is because the program is designed to be done in your tiny apartment living room, in a park, at the gym, or basically wherever the hell you want–so there are no excuses. “You don’t need access to a gym to do my guide –you can workout from the comfort of your own home,” she said.

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The program looks a little like this: During every 28-minute workout, you follow two routines for seven minutes each, and then repeat. As the weeks progress, your workouts get tougher, but the seven-minute circuit-style format means the exercise always feels manageable, and you’re never far from a rest. The workouts target different parts of the body each day.

Because the bikini guide doesn’t require gym equipment, I find myself able to exercise at home, and squeeze in the 28-minute circuit after the gym has closed or while watching a movie to distract myself. I don’t even own dumbbells, so use heavy coffee table books in their place, and once did squats while holding my heavy laptop to read emails. There’s also none of that psych-up I often need to get myself into my running shoes, out the door, and to the gym—I don’t even need to leave my apartment.

“It’s all about getting the most for your body out of a limited amount of time. It provides you with tools needed to create maintainable lifestyle change, which has helped increase happiness, health, and confidence in women all around the world,” the fitness star explained.

Over one million women have tried Itsines’ program–an impressive number when you consider she only launched in January 2014. Right now the Bikini Body Guide (the program I’m doing) is available online for $69.97, or you can buy the nutrition guide as well for a total of $119.97. And no, I wasn’t given the program for free—I was curious about it, and gave it a try and only felt compelled to write about it when I started seeing results.

When I asked Kayla about the reason for her Instagram success, she attributed it to being consistently honest and genuine: “I believe that it’s because I have been 100% honest with my followers since day one. I started my Instagram page to share my photos with family and friends, and I view my female followers from all over the world as my extended family,” she said.

If you’re still not sold on the program, head over to @kayla_istines on Instagram, and check out some testimonials—women are really loving her method. Right now, Itsines is on a global fitness tour, and will be hitting the U.S. this Spring–so keep an eye on her Instagram find out more.

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