How It Works: Mario Badescu Rolling Cream Peel

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Mario Badescu Rolling Cream Peel

There are probably a few key words in and on this product that make you do a double take. Rolling Cream Peel? Huh? Are you a cream or a peel? How does one “roll” with you? What do AHAs have to do with it? We demand answers, Mario!

Basically: This is a unique exfoliator that hydrates AND clears impurities from your pores. It’s pretty much the engine de-greaser of face polishers. Slightly confusing? Yes. Effective? Oh yes. Tell us more, Mario!

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Product Perks: 

  • With Kaolin clay, AHAs, lactic acid, vitamin E, and shea butter, this is a veritable cocktail of skin-clearing exfoliating hydration. How they work together is an industry secret, but we can tell you officially that they DO.
  • You can get your face mask game on, as well as your chemical (and manual) exfoliation game on without drying out your skin.
  • This formula “erases” itself as you use it. To remove when you’re done, simply sweep a cotton pad with toner all over your face.

How It Works:
Okay, so this is the weird part. The product looks and feels just like your average clay mask. You’re to apply a thin layer all over your clean dry skin and wait about a minute for it to grab on. Then, give yourself a hearty face massage and keep at it until you notice the material starts to “pill” and roll onto itself, forming little eraser-dust-looking rolls that fall off your face (so maybe do this over the bathroom sink). Those nubs are your dead keratin cells that the mask has clung onto. You have to rub either quite hard or for quite a while—a bit of both, we find—to really get all of it rolled off. The AHA and lactic acid are the exfoliating factors that kick in after the kaolin has sucked up all the excess oil and sebum. Shea butter and vitamin E make sure you don’t feel overly stretched-out and dried out afterwards. Mario Badescu recommends using one of their toners to sweep up excess cream/peel that you couldn’t scrub off, and to balance your skin’s pH afterwards. Overall, our skin felt well-circulated (all that massaging!), softly moisturized, and smooth like velvet. This is definitely a chemical exfoliator that’s going to be a new favorite in our medicine cabinets.

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(Where to Buy: Mario Badescu Rolling Cream Peel, $18, Mario Badescu)