How ‘Inner Beauty’ Affects Your Outer Beauty

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Those of us who aren’t blessed with perfect skin and hair have probably at one point cursed unlucky genetics or lifestyle crutches. Sure, there are our holy grail products we horde that keep our vanity satiated, and trying out new things with promises of glowing skin and shiny hair is always a fun experiment, but if you really want to go whole hog with your beauty regimen, have you ever considered working from the inside out? We recently met with Australia’s Carla Oates AKA The Beauty Chef. She’s called as such because she promotes beauty from the inside—and we mean inside. The Beauty Chef motto is “beauty begins in the gut.” Since skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s also the last to receive nutrients from what you ingest. Even if you eat somewhat healthily (or just suffer from health-guilt, as some of us do), your skin is still relatively starved for nutrients compared to the rest of your organs. So how do you feed your skin? It’s relatively simple, according to the Beauty Chef. She’s created a small collection of beauty powders that rather than dust on your face, you add them to smoothies and beverages to get as much Flora Culture into your gut as is helpful for your system.

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Okay, WHAT is Flora Culture, you may be thinking. Well, considering that what you put inside your body manifests on the outside, bio-fermented cultures that are rich in probiotics and gut-friendly bacteria are able to deliver tons more nutrients and balance your digestive system. That’s where the majority of your immune system functions, where your hormones are metabolized and where pathogens are neutralized–all the while healthy enzymes and nutrients are also being made. There is a lot going on in there, so when it’s off balance you probably look and/or feel off balance. We don’t even mean the state of your skin—you might be suffering from that all-too-common midday fatigue, thinking it’s just a caffeine crash when really there’s a good chance it’s because of your unbalanced bodily systems.

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If all this sounds super complicated that’s because it kind of is. But if there was a simple way to get all those good mega nutrients and probiotics your body needs and wants to kickstart itself into high-functioning gear, you’d probably go for that, right? That’s where The Beauty Chef comes in. Carla Oates, based on her own healthy lifestyle, created a collection of beauty powder and elixirs that you can add to any smoothie concoction or beverage to get all your prebiotics and probiotics to nourish your skin from the inside out. The Glow, Cleanse, and Ageless powders all contain unique sets of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients, while the Body powder is more of a protein powder (all derived from vegan plant-based proteins) teeming with antioxidant-rich nutrients, vitamins, and fermented greens all to support your metabolism. Mind you, these are meant as a supplementary dietary inclusion, rather than meal replacers. The idea is less about “dieting” as it is making your insides healthy so your outsides can show it.

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For an even easier boost (no blenders involved this time!), The Beauty Chef elixirs are all concentrated liquid supplements to add to your water to support gut health and enhance skin’s radiance and clarity. Named Antioxidant, Collagen, and Hydration, you can kind of figure out which one does what. Since they’re concentrated, you just add a splash to each serving—bonus is that they are all deliciously sweet in their own subtle way so it adds a bit of flavor to water.

More than just exchanging meals for nutritious shakes however, the whole philosophy of The Beauty Chef goes more into supporting inner health for outer beauty benefits (and you know, your overall health). You may be more likely to try something that would guarantee a noticeable improvement in appearance, so it’s a bit of a two-birds-one-stone situation. You may have even been noticing that fermentation in skincare and diet has been having a moment lately. If you can’t stand yogurt or kombucha (or kimchi, for that matter), The Beauty Chef offers a veggie-based way to reap the benefits of fermentation in your diet in a big way.

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We’ve been trying some of the beauty powders and elixirs ourselves in some of Carla’s recipes on The Beauty Chef’s site, and not only are they delicious but we have definitely noticed that midday slumps no longer plague us and our skin is feeling awfully plump these days. Other than however you fuel your fitness, would you let some bio-fermented probiotics into your life?

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