How 11 Pro Stylists Maintain Their Own Epic Hair

Leah Faye Cooper
How 11 Pro Stylists Maintain Their Own Epic Hair

“What products do you put in your hair?”

It’s a question I ask every time I find myself in the chair of a new stylist, and my preferred method of deciding which shampoos, conditioners, masks, and pretty much every other hair product I should be trying.

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I’m certainly not above taking a beauty blog recommendation or approaching strangers with great hair to ask them about their routines, but those who’ve dedicated their careers to styling others’ hair generally don’t play games when it comes to their own; it’s the products they use personally I really want to know about.

What I’ve found is that the pros are just as likely to rely on a drugstore staple as they are a luxury product, and many of their methods are very simple (i.e., things that anybody can do at home).

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For a bounty of this intel, we asked 11 professional stylists to explain how they do their own hair. Here’s what they shared, from steam treatments to product cocktailing.

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