How to Give Yourself a DIY Lace Manicure


It’s simple why we love lace. A boring ensemble can instantly be revved up with lace detail. The fabric is classic, sexy, and adds a touch of Parisian chic to any outfit. And who could forget the amazing lace looks sent down the runway by Prada a couple seasons ago? Lace has typically been limited to use in apparel, hosiery, accessories, and jewelry, but a clever manicurist has found another use for it.

The Lace Manicure is the ultimate way to wear the look from head to toe. It is a simple procedure and won’t break the bank either. The only supplies you need to get this look are: a bottle of gel resin (a clear polish that dries as a hard shell), a piece of lace (any color you desire, the meshier the better though), a pair of scissors, and a bit of spray nail glue activator (a spray that will instantly dry and hold the lace in place). Follow these steps below for a non traditional DIY manicure that will have everyone dying to know your secrets.

Step 1:
Brush the gel resin on a clean nail and place a small piece of thin lace on top.

Step 2:
Spray the nail glue activator over the lace.

Step 3:
Cut and shape the excess lace with your scissors.

Step 4:
Brush on another coat of gel resin.

And voila! Your nails look trs chic!

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