How To Get A Textured Top Knot

Rachel Adler

The perfect style for that day that you’re running late and have no time to shower, is the chic top knot. However, most things are easier said than done, and this style always seemed to be a bit harder to pull off than it looked.

We called in Joy La Rosa from Sam Brocato Salon to show us exactly how to successfully achieve a top knot follow her tips below to get the perfect off-the-runway look to recover your next bad hair day struggle.

Step 1:

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Section from the top of the ear to the other top of the ear. Take a two inch section and wrap around curling iron, continue throughout your head you want it to look tousled and undone. You can do this even if you have curly or wavy hair.

Step 2:

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Rake fingers through hair.

Step 3:

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Add a light beach spray (Back to the Beach Texturizing Mist from Sam Brocato) to give the hair piecey-ness.

Step 4:

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Start with the perfect ponytail. Tilt head back and smooth hair. Secure with ponytail holder and keep hair tilted back.

Step 5:

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Separate ponytail into two pieces and literally knot the hair. Then, depending on how long hair is, knot again. If you want more texture in the hair, tease the knotted sections before you begin this process.

Step 7:

122148 1302541780 How To Get A Textured Top Knot

Lightly place where you want it and secure with pins. Don’t open the bobby pins when pinning for a more secure hold!

Step 8:

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Once it’s pinned enough where it feels secure, spray lightly with hair spray.

Photos: Joey D’Arco for Beauty High, Model: Annaleise Smith, Supreme