How to Get Sexy Pin Up Girl Curls


The classic pin up (or Varga) girl look is probably the most traditionally sexy hairstyle you can get. Defined by a little lift off the forehead along with prim curls around the face, pin up girl hair looks great on a variety of face shapes and hair textures. Pepper Pastor, owner of Pepper Pastor Salon, demonstrates her technique for getting the pin up girl look with short hair for a breezy modern take on the classic look!

Step 1:
Start with clean, air dried hair. You don’t want to blow out or straighten your hair before styling this look; it’s important to have a little movement in your locks.

Check out Pepper Pastor’s work backstage at the Rachel Antonoff Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show here!

Step 2:
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Using a 3/4-inch curling iron for more control and a deeper wave, begin curling the hair, but keep in mind how you’ll want the curl to lay around your face and angle the curling iron accordingly. For example, if you want the hair to lie away from your face, turn the curling iron barrel towards the back of the head. Take a 1-inch section of hair, pull the hair straight up from the head, and clamp the section into your curling iron. Then, roll the curling iron down towards the head. Repeat until all your hair is curled.

Step 3:
86856 1264437715 How to Get Sexy Pin Up Girl Curls
Once you’re done curling, spray the hair with a light, working hairspray. We recommend Orbe’s Impermeable Hairspray.

For more vintage (and some questionable) hairstyles, read here!

Step 4:
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Comb the curls out and begin molding the hair into place.

Step 5:
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To give your hair a little more moisture or to smooth out the hair, use a really light oil or silicon-based serum. We recommend Philip B Rejuvenating oil. For very fine hair, try a light shine spray such as Sebastian Laminate Spray in replace of the serum.

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