How to Get a Salon Style Blowout at Home


There is a certain charm to messy hair– a breezy, laissez-faire attitude that comes with a slightly disheveled look. However, trying to achieve this look by allowing your hair regimen to fall by the wayside is not a good idea. It’s more likely that you’ll end up looking like an unkempt wild-child than a free-spirit. You need the proper styling technique. Kristin June Senkiew from Cutler Salon shows us how to get perfectly undone hair with a basic blowout!

Step 1:

The #1 rule when it comes to blow drying is to never begin with sopping wet hair. Working with hair that is already 80 percent dry will keep your blowout from getting weighed down.

Step 2:

Before you begin blow drying, spray the hair with a heat protectant. Kristin uses Cutler’s Heat Protectant Spray.

Step 3:
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Along the side of the head, start with a diagonal section of hair along the parietal ridge, which runs from the front of the face to the nape of the neck. Blow dry starting with the bottom layer of hair and work your way up. From the back of the head, work in horizontal sections up to the top of the head.

Step 4:
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As you blow dry the hair, be sure to pull the hair up and away from the head in order to create volume.

Step 5:

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When you finally get to the crown area, pull the hair straight up and blow dry the hair towards the back of the head.

Step 6:
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Now that your hair has the proper volume, you can lightly cover it with hairspray and gently scrunch the ends with your hands. The extra lift at the root keeps the hair from looking greasy or weighed down by it’s sexy and unkempt style.

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