How to Get Naturally Tousled Waves

Rachel Adler

Tousled waves seem to be taking over– if the spring and fall 2010 runways and the red carpet are any indication. For girls with straight locks, achieving that slightly mussed, tousled look is never easy.

Learn how to get the desired bed head ‘do in just a few easy steps from Angela Soto of Mizu New York.

Step 1 (above):
Apply a dime size amount of Oribe Gel Serum and then finger comb your hair while you blow dry until the hair is completely dried. If needed, use a flat or round brush while you dry, and avoid tangling the hair.

Step 2:
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Split the hair down the middle and bring the ends forward– clipping the top, if desired, so you can access the bottom layer. Take a medium sized section of hair from the bottom and spray it with hairspray or Oribes Anti-Humidity Spray.

Step 3:
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With a one-inch barrel curling iron, vertically curl the chosen section of hair by wrapping it around the barrel, closing only at the ends.

Step 4:
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When you release the curling iron and slide the hair off the barrel, manually pull the curl downward to relax the tightness.

Step 5
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Continue curling the rest of the hair in the same way, working your way up the head. As you curl, alternate the direction of the curls for added dimension. When you get to the front sections of hair that frame your face, curl the hair away from the face for a flattering and refreshing look. Part your hair as desired.

Step 6:

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To give your hair a beachy tousle and matte texture, finish with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Lightly spray the entire head and finger through the waves while lightly blow drying the hair.

Step 7:
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Don’t add too much hairspray– remember, this is a tousled look.

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