How To Get A Cute Braid Style

Rachel Adler

If springtime ever arrives (yes if, because I hear there is snow on the horizon) then we’ll have the need to keep our hair off of our faces and look cute and chic even though we’re hot and steamy. Braids are not only on trend, but also the perfect style for a hot day.

Star, from Ted Gibson Salon, shows us how to do a simple braid hairstyle a la Lauren Conrad in the steps below. Follow her tips to get the look!

Step 1:

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Make a severe side part in the hair and then part along the front hairline at one side of the head.

Step 2:

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Begin your French braid at the front of the hairline and keep tight to the skin.

Step 3:

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Continue the braid down the side of the head and secure with a rubber band.

Step 4:

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Smooth your hair to the side of your head (including the braid) and use Beautiful Hold Hairspray to flatten any stray hairs.

Step 5:

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Secure with a hairtie.

Photos Courtesy of Joey D’Arco for Beauty High. Model: Annaleise Smith, Supreme Management

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