How To Get Create Perfect Summer Hair

Rachel Adler

Name: Mike Martinez
Agency/Salon: Cutler Salon
Phoenix, AZ
New York City Neighborhood:
What product is your secret weapon?: Cutler Volumizing Spray & Redken Velvet Gelatine
What brands/salons have you worked with?:
Cutler, Redken
How many years have you been in the business?: 6 or 7
Have you personally ever had a hair or makeup disaster?:
It tends to happen…

Mike’s Wise Words:
“Instead of battling the humidity and frizz, encourage the natural texture of your hair. Twist the hair into large columns then dry with a blow dryer while continuing to twist as it dries. Always twist the hair AWAY from your face for a more flattering look. Once dry, shake the hair out for a nice beachy look. To add a little more flare grab random bits of hair and wrap them around a medium size curling iron. Tailor the look a little and remember to hold the curling iron vertical and wrap the hair from top to bottom with the roots and finishing with the ends. This achieves a less delicate and contrived curl and more of a softer summery wave!”