How to Fake Eyeliner in 30 Seconds


If you have ever a) been able to successfully line only one of your eyes with eyeliner, b) poked yourself in the eye with an eyeliner pencil, thereby causing you to cry and effectively wash away any eyeliner that actually made it onto your lid, or c) ended up with an inch-thick black line on your lid after trying to “even out” your cat eye— then read on.

Makeup artist Juliya Zaidova has a great technique to help you cheat the system and fake a perfectly lined eye in 30 seconds or less.

Step 1:
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With an eyeliner pencil, fill in the outer corners of your eye– extending the line a little over the eyelid and along the under eye. Don’t worry about being too neat.

Step 2:
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With a dry cotton swab, gently smudge the line along the lash line– using the swab to both extend and narrow the line.

Step 3:
Swipe on two coats of mascara to finish your look.

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