How To Create Model-Worthy Cheekbones

Rachel Adler

One of the many tricks that makeup artists tend to have up their sleeves is the ability to create the all illusive contour. Since most of us want to add a little definition to our cheekbones (we’re not all born with that model look) we asked an expert to give us some tips.

Pamela Taylor of Pamela Taylor Makeup Academy did us one better, and taught us three different ways to add definition to our cheeks. Follow her steps below to get model-worthy looks in no time.

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1. Apply a sheer cheek glaze to the apple of the cheek. The sheer color creates light on the face. If you add liquid gold to the glaze this adds height to the cheekbone to produce an overall sheen.

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2. The “Compact duo” adds shimmer and also height to the face. Apply with a brush and blend for the best results. This look gives you a glimmer-like effect.

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3. First apply powder to your face. Then, sweep a contour line with a palette that contains both light and dark tones across your cheek. This creates a certain sense of depth as well as vibrancy and gives you a matte appearance

119249 1300218651 How To Create Model Worthy Cheekbones

Photos Courtesy of Joey D’Arco for Beauty High. Model: Veronika Vilim, NEXT