How to Combat Summer Hair


As summer picks up the temperatures are finally rising – unfortunately so is my hair. If your hair seems to expand exponentially with the humidity, keep reading for some professional advice to combat frizz and keep hair healthy all summer long.

Allison Lawsen has been styling hair for over 10 years and has worked with the likes of Bassike, Ksubi, RVCA, Black and White Magazine and MTV. Lawsen has always been inspired by many different cultures. Her experience includes three fashion weeks across the globe: Sydney, London and New York. Currently residing in Williamsburg, she works closely with Cutler Salon and her styling showcases a unique, international point of view.

An Australian native, Lawsen is an expert on how to make nature’s elements work for your hair type. “Cut all your split ends off to give yourself a head start against the elements,” said Lawsen. Trendy cuts for this season are pixie crops and a long bob, however these styles won’t work with every hair type. If you have wavy or curly hair be careful of cutting it above the shoulder, with less weight your hair will have more body and with the humidity may translate your trendy cut into a mangy mane.

The best part about summer is the emphasis on a natural and care-free look.

“Australians are very casual with their hair and embrace hot weather. I always suggest trying to work with the natural texture of your hair. If its frizzy from humidity then tie it back in a loose bun, ponytail or simple braids. Get creative with cute hair-ties or pins and use a little de-frizzing cream if you need to,” Lawsen said.

If you love the look of straight hair, Lawsen recommends using the versatile Cutler Volumizing Spray, “it is fantastic for blow-drying most hair types with just enough control.” Be sure to dry hair completely against the grain for a sleek look.

If you have naturally pin-straight hair that can never seem to hold a curl, Lawsen suggests to finger styling product into dry hair then use the Rsession “Naluwaver”, a double-barrel curling iron to give hair a soft, natural curl. The two ¾ inch barrels allow for many different curl shapes and avoids a Shirley Temple look.

To instantly turn any hairstyle into a chic summer look Lawsen recommends pinning or simply tucking a flower behind your ear. These summer tricks are sure to keep hair healthy and glossy through Labor Day. The results might even make you wish for an Indian summer into September.

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