How Can I Keep My Eyeliner In Place All Day?

Kristin Gallegos

Dear Kristin,

What’s the best kind of eyeliner to use when you want it to stay on all day?


Melissa from NYC

You have come to the right girl about eyeliner!!! I never leave home without my black smudgy eye! My personal favorite pencil is MAC’s Eye Kohl. I use the black Eye Kohl called Smolder. It is the best! I love it because it’s creamy and easy to blend and smudge. It is also really heavily pigmented and stays on. I use it in the waterline (which is the line between your eye ball and your lash line. If you gently pull your eye down you will see it) and slightly on the lash line. Using the pencil in the waterline of the eye really makes the eyes pop and gives it a more dramatic effect. To ensure that it will stay all day I use an eyeshadow powder on the lash line to set it and blend it out. My favorite black shadow is MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Its the blackest black out there. My favorite brush to use for this is Nars Small Dome Eye Brush. It’s an amazing small blending brush. It’s super easy to use and soft. It’s hands down my favorite brush for my work and for myself. If it gets a little messy, clean up and soften with a Q-tip!

If you are looking for more of a graphic liner to work with, I absolutely love Make Up Forever’s Aqua Cream Liner. It’s waterproof and long-lasting. It’s a great alternative to a liquid liner because it is much easier to use. It can be applied in a clean graphic way with a small angled brush. I would suggest getting MAC’s #208 angle brush. You want to start applying the cream from the inner part of the eye with the pointy part of the brush pointing inward, and drag it out toward the outer part of the eye. You want to start thinner and thicken out the line as you are dragging it out. You can easily wing the liner with this angle brush. The brush basically does the job for you. It might take a little practice but you will get it in no time! This product is really versatile — the Aqua Cream Liner also doubles as a cream shadow. You can blend it out with your finger and use it as a base for a smokey effect! You can’t beat that!

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