How To Add Some Sparkle To Your New Year’s Eve Look

Amanda Elser

When it comes to getting advice for doing makeup ourselves we look no further than the lovely ladies at mark. So when we wanted to know how to subtly add glitter into our New Year’s Eve beauty routine we knew exactly where to go. We asked mark repAshleigh Angelette to walk us through a sparkly NYE beauty look.

1. Using an all-over face-illuminator will make your skin look dewy and add a hint of sparkle and glow. mark’s Touch & Glow Shimmer Palette is perfect for achieving an angelic glow. If you have oily skin, apply sparingly to avoid a shiny appearance.

2. To add some sparkle to your lips, use a matte lipstick and cover it with a sparkle gloss, such as mark’s Glow Baby Glow Luxe. Layering the gloss over your lipstick will ensure you have color all night and add sparkle which draws attention to your lips, making them look full and beautiful!

3. Other than makeup, you can easily accentuate your look with some bling that will draw attention to your face – like sparkly earrings, a bedazzled headband (and yes, bedazzling is still cool!), or a fancy hair clip. It’ll be a way to spice up your overall outfit and continue to draw attention to your makeup and make you even more beautiful and dazzling than usual!