Add One of These Household Items to Your Bath to Solve Any Skin Concern

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After a long day at work, there’s really nothing like coming home and running the water for a hot bath. Add a couple of candles and a glass of something strong and all your problems are solved, right? Well, maybe not.

Plain water may feel relaxing, but just by adding in an ingredient or two from your pantry, your bath can double as something to calm you and something to aid a skin concern of yours. From olive oil to Jell-o, we’ll show you what to add to your bath to make it beneficial for your skin and your mind.

Baking Soda

Adding about four to five tablespoons of baking soda into your bath can work wonders to neutralize skin acidity and promote the elimination of toxins in and on your body. It calms, relieves irritation and soothes your skin just by sinking your body into a bath with some baking soda added in. It’s a great way to detox your body from alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and medications.


Surprisingly, just by adding about 6-7 packets of Jell-O powder (preferably sugarless) to your bath, you can help to hydrate your skin, elevate your mood, and leave your skin super soft. Since you don’t want to drink/eat the Jell-o after it’s been in the tub with you for obvious reasons, make sure that you choose your Jell-o by scent, not flavor – and we advise a light color so you don’t end up with a stain!

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Epsom Salt

Aside from it’s countless health benefits, adding about 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath relieves pain, reduces inflammation and relaxes your mind and body. To experience the health benefits of Epsom salt fully, it’s recommended to take about three baths with the salt added in each week.


If you’re feeling sick, add about a half cup of grated ginger into running, hot water to help you shake your cold and flu symptoms. Even if you aren’t feeling sick, by adding the recommended amount of ginger to your bath can ease sore muscles, eliminate toxins from the body and will literally raise the temperature of your skin and make you feel nice and warm!

Green Tea

We’re sure you know all about how great green tea is for you. Now just imagine soaking your entire body in a tub full of it! You’ll need about 6 tea bags and a tub full of warm water. Let them seep for about 15-20 minutes before removing them. Since green tea is known to be a great antioxidant and detoxifier, we know that adding some of this magical ingredient to your bath you’ll have tons of anti-aging, balancing and cleansing benefits.


Whether you prefer to use fresh lemons (we suggest about 5-6 of them, squeezed) or lemon juice (about 1/2-3/4 cups), the bright fruit will leave your skin glowing. Since lemons refresh, help to shrink pores and revive your skin, we love to add them into our bath for their healing and mood-boosting benefits.

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Olive Oil

Many oils make your skin nice and soft and one of our favorites to use is olive oil. Just add about 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into your warm bath water and hop in! Baths with olive oil in them help to build a stronger immunity to viral and bacterial infections, maintain the collagen in your skin and keep it looking supple longer. Another added bonus? This bath will help reduce the appearance of annoying fine lines and wrinkles.


Especially around the holiday season, we’re crazy about anything cinnamon-scented. Whether you choose to add in cinnamon sticks (about 3-4) or it’s powder counterpart (about 1/4 cup in a cheesecloth), adding this festive spice into your bath will be super invigorating, detoxifying and can cure rashes in an instant with it’s natural disinfectant and astringent properties.


Probably one of the most popular at-home ingredients to pop into your bath is milk. The lactic acid found in the dairy product works as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and revealing fresher, younger looking skin that’s been hiding underneath. Of course, it’s super rich in vitamins and minerals which helps to slow down the inevitable process of aging and retains your skin’s natural elasticity.


For those with dry, itchy skin, you’ll absolutely love your skin after adding in some oatmeal to your bath. You’ll need to add about 1/4-3/4 cup of oatmeal inside a cheesecloth (to avoid making your bath into a giant tub full of edible oatmeal). Drop this into the warm, running water and hop into softened, relieved skin.

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