The House of Chanel Does Boy Meets Girl Beauty

The House of Chanel Does Boy Meets Girl Beauty
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Chanels Fall 2011 threads took a slight departure from the carefully placed lady-like pieces that weve become accustomed to seeing from the brand. Instead we see that Mr. Lagerfeld is strategically pairing crowd-pleasing pieces like boy-meets-girl casual biker boots, and skinny denim with the ever-present tweeds that are a brand staple.

In order to keep things balanced, the beauty needed to be a little less buttoned-up, yet still convey a touch of femininity to stay true to the house of Chanel. Peter Philips, the Creative Director for Chanel Makeup, used the gender-neutral color of olive and added a slight dose of sea-foam green to shade the lids. For a nod to femininity he sprinkled a light dusting of glimmer.

The lead hairstylist, Sam McNight, chose a style that also walked the gender tightrope. The team opted for a side swept and tousled chignon. The result, an effortless and boyish modern effect. Every so often, they popped in a glittering clustered Chanel hairpin to remind their tried and true fans that the embellishment has not left the building. A fan favorite, and I recommend getting on the waitlist now, is the Chanel nail color of the season. This time, Philips went with Graphite nail lacquer reminiscent of the shimmering green of the eye shadow palette.

Photos Courtesy of Imaxtree