Hotter Friends, More Popularity On FB

Shannon Farrell
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This sounds so shallow but trust us: The better looking your friends are on Facebook, the more popular you’ll be on the social networking site.

A new study by Dutch researcher Piet Kommers was conducted where a man and woman, both average looking, created two accounts, one with attractive friends and another with unattractive. The rest of the information on the profile, such as background, occupation and hobbies were the same for both.

Is Facebook The Reason You’re Single?

Students were asked to rate the user’s “social attractiveness.” The participants were 20 percent more likely to choose the user with attractive friends.

“People are attracted by other people who look very healthy, happy and productive in a sexual sense,” Kommers told the New York Daily News. “That is an accepted evolutionary law.”

From now on, will your friends only be allowed to post flattering pictures of themselves on FB, or do you believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Truthfully, we believe a few bad pictures builds character.

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