Hot Holiday Hair Ideas for Any Texture

Janell M. Hickman
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From jingle bells to actual balls, getting ready for the holiday season can be a bit daunting. Dates, dinners and disco-inspired fêtes all require unique styles—but who has time for the salon? We chatted with some of the industry’s best to help you get noticed on the “best tressed” list (without the stress) this season!

Work With What You Got!
There’s no need to covet someone else hair texture—appreciate what you have. Jenny Balding, Redken Grooming and Styling Expert shares a few beauty hacks below.

Thin or fine, straight: “If you try to put fine, straight hair up it can look really flat to the head, so a voluminous blow dry is best. Amp up the volume or do it yourself with thickening products like Redken’s Thickening Lotion 06 all-over body builder.”

Thick and straight :“Try a high sleek ponytail—think of runway high ponytail not gym ponytail!  This style will help tame the thickness and you can easily make the ‘tail’ straighter with a flat iron.”

Medium and wavy: “Enhance your wave by using a curling iron and Redken’s Fashion Waves 07 sea salt spray. Use the iron vertically and wrap from the mid length to the ends to create a bend/wave for even more texture.”

Thick, curly and/or coarse: “Create a halo-type braid…the less perfect, the better. A slightly disheveled braid will disguise your texture but you will feel confident knowing that [your hair is] under control.

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Never Underestimate A Classic Look
“I love the look of a sleek, classic updo for the holiday season,” shares Motions Celebrity Stylist, Ursula Stephen. “Simply curl two-inch sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron, then brush out [the curl]. Next, roll the back of the hair into a low chignon and pin in place. Let some pieces fall out to frame the face and pin others back. It’s a very old-Hollywood look that is timeless.”

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Add Pizazz to Your Pixie
“Anything from a tiara to sequined bobby pins, can transform your look into something fun and festive,” shares celebrity stylist Peter Butler. “You can transform your short style with just a few products,” adds Stephen. “To change the texture of your pixie, work some Motions Light Hold Working Spritz through the hair and curl small sections in different directions. Then, work a pomade or wax through the curls to add volume and form into a funky pompadour.”

Pump Up The Volume
“First, brush your hair onto the top center of your head while simultaneously spraying a little hairspray,” advises Butler. “Tie loose hair into a high ponytail as tightly as it can go,” he continues. “Keep this style in for 10-20 minutes and let it out as you are walking out the door—I promise you’ll have full volume!”

Quick Fix for Dirty Hair
“The disheveled French twist is universally flattering on everyone with all hair types,” shares Balding. “The softer it is the better it looks and is a quick way to transfer yourself from day to night and still feel on trend.”

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Segue from Day to Night with Ease
“If you’re wearing your hair straight, you can add some curls using a hair wand,” says Stephen. “Create a deep side part and curl random sections of hair. Pin the side with the part back with a bling-y hair pin and voila!”

Avoid an Up-Don’t
“Make sure that  [the style] is age-appropriate and not too severe,” says Butler who works with model Kate Upton. “Updos should still be soft and flattering to the face. It’s best to put some height in the crown and leave some wisps out around the face to keep it soft. Finish with a spritz of Leonor Greyl Laque Souple to keep strands in place.”

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There’s A Fine Line With “Lazy” Hairstyles
“A really messy topknot thrown up can look like a gym topknot. There is a fine line between perfectly disheveled and a mess,” warns Balding. “Always use a dry shampoo first to bulk up the roots a little.”