Hot Headed: A problem with deep roots.


Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this conundrum: You’ve been a very busy girl – leading the glamorous life, the career life or the chasing-after-your-kids life (or a combination of any of the above!!) and, all of a sudden, you notice you’ve let your new growth (roots) get much longer than you normally do. You run down to the store and pick up your usual shade, the one you love, the same as always. Maybe you booked an appointment with your fave hair guy (gal) and rush down to the salon for your usual fix. After the process is complete and your hair is dry, you take a look in the mirror only to notice a shocking vibrancy at the scalp! What happened?!?! It is the same formula, the same application, the same processing time, the same everything! Believe it or not dear, you are hot headed.

It is a fact for all of us and I’m going to let you in on the secret. Our scalp generates heat. Because of this rarely considered (for the at home colorist) and sometimes forgotten (for the salon colorist) fact, your usual dye formulation can leave you with hot roots when you have excessive new growth. The heat that comes from the scalp can make the hair color react differently at the scalp than it processes as little as a half inch away from the scalp.

For consistent, gorgeous, salon-looking results you should color you new growth every three to four weeks. When you let more than the recommended time pass by between coloring, you are setting yourself up for hot roots or color banding (when you can see horizontal stripes in color variation on the hair shaft). What do you do if your life style is insane and you get a couple of weeks behind? Look for my next post, Balance it Out, for some tips and tricks!

Have you had trouble with hot roots?

LMK- Jason