Hope for a Wrinkle and Circle Free Under Eye?


If you’ve been using one product to help prevent and improve fine lines, another to erase your dark circles, and another for under eye puffiness, do so no more. In a push to make your skin care routine easier than ever, Philosophy introduces Eye Hope: a single eye cream clinically proven to significantly improve fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Formulated with anti-inflammatory agents that calm and soothe, moisturizers that hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes, and light diffusing properties that brighten the skin tone, Eye Hope really is a 3-in-1. In fact, in clinical studies, four out of five people saw significant improvement in fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and smoothness in just six weeks.

So for all of you looking to save time, spend less, and simplify your routine, this multi-functional formula is here to give you a renewed hope for wrinkle-free, circle-free, and puff-free eyes.

Philosophy Eye Hope, $48, philosophy.com