At-Home Gel Kit: Sensationail

Rachel Adler

If you’re a frequent reader of Beauty High, you know that we’re up on the nail trends over here. If you’re not a frequent reader, you should be, and now you know. One of the trends we’ve been following lately is the at-home gel kits, which have been popping up quite frequently to make our lives easier and our nails prettier.

The latest one that we’ve tested is called Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit, which provides you with two gel polish colors (Raspberry Wine and Scarlet Red) as well as an LED lamp and all of the tools required to complete your gel mani. The kit is formaldehyde free and gives you the high-shine gel results, but obviously takes a bit more time than a regular DIY manicure as you need to apply a gel primer and base coat and cure the nails in the LED light in between each coat.

But keep in mind that the starter kit costs $50 and each bottle of polish lasts for about 10 manicures, whereas a typical gel manicure costs $65 — so you’re ultimately saving big time. We loved the results but found that it doesn’t last as long as an in-salon gel (about a week and a half). It’s definitely something to try out though if you’re a nail polish addict!