10 Quick and Easy At- Home Exercise Videos

Rachel Krause

Photo: Getty Images

We all want to get in shape, but getting to the gym (or, well, purchasing a gym membership) is another story entirely. Time, money, accessibility, pure laziness—these are all variables that can stand between you and that elliptical machine or spin class. We get it. But these 10 simple, apartment-friendly videos, on the other hand? You have no excuse, so get moving.

Dorm Room Workout
You definitely don’t have to live in a dorm to do this simple but effective workout from Sarah Fit. All you’ll need is a large, heavy book (like a textbook) and a rolling chair.

21 Day Bootcamp
You’ll need a couple pieces of equipment for this routine, but if you’re looking for a total body overhaul, start with this three-week bootcamp challenge by Bodyrock.tv.

Fat Burning Cardio
Don’t know where to start with your cardio training? Try right here with Fitness Blender. This 37-minute requires no equipment at all, and trust us: It only looks easy.

60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout
When you’re ready to step it up, go for this 60-minute high intensity interval training video, also from Fitness Blender. Like the shorter session, you won’t need any equipment for this seriously effective routine.

POP Pilates
Pilates training is beloved by super-fit celebrities like Miley Cyrus, but one-on-one sessions are expensive. For all of the Pilates results without the price, this challenging full body workout from Blogilates is your ticket to flat abs and killer thighs.

Squats and Lunges
If you’re looking to tone your thighs and lift your butt, these squat and lunge techniques from Women’s Workout Channel are easy enough to execute, but you’ll be feeling the burn the next morning… and the morning after that.

Step Aerobics
If you like fun, energetic aerobic exercise, grab a stepper (or stand in front of your staircase) and get going on this basic 45-minute workout by Jenny Ford.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises
Inner thighs are a problem area for a lot of us, and it’s hard to figure out exactly what to do to target them. Bikini Model Fitness shows us just how to get enviable legs with four different types of squats, two of which require dumbbells.

Total Ab Workout
This ab routine from XHIT Daily leaves no muscle untouched, and promises to defeat (or eat) your muffin top in no time. We believe it—you’ll be feeling the burn in places you didn’t even know existed.

Tone Arms in 10 Minutes
Celebrity trainer Holly Perkins created this quick 10-minute workout for POPSUGAR Fitness to target the upper arms and shoulders, just in time for tank top season.

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