7 Tricks You Need for The Best Holiday Updo Ever

Victoria Moorhouse
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Photo: Imaxtree

From shopping to interacting with your significant other’s parents, there are plenty of things to stress you out around this time of year—your hair shouldn’t be one of them. As the party invitations pour in, turn to the holiday updo for a chic take on festive looks. Modern buns, coifs, and twists are incredible accessible and easy to create at home—as long as you have a few products and tools by your side. We asked the pros for their best tips, tricks and hacks to ensure that you have the perfect upswept hairstyle for every event you attend this season, and they delivered. Prepare for the best holiday hair of your life.

Go for a Messy Look
There was a time and a place for perfect ringlets all twisted into one perfect bun. That time is definitely not now. Perfectly imperfect is in, and you should transfer that logic to your holiday hairstyle, too. “I think it has to have an element of being undone,” says Ruth Roche, Pureology’s Artistic Ambassador. “To me that means having some texture in your hair.” Create texture by adding in product to create grip or a little bit of messiness into the hair. While there’s a lot you can use, between mousse and texture sprays, dry shampoo never fails.

And when creating messy hairstyles, celebrity hairstylist Richard Collins told us that if you have fine hair using a hair powder or simply dry shampoo will help bring oomph to the hair—and as an added bonus, it will also help bobby pins stay put.

After you create texture in your hair, make sure to pull it up with your hands and not a brush. Roche tells us that doing this will give it that tousled, effortless feeling.

Don’t Forget About Ponytails
When in doubt, go for a ponytail—it’s the easiest updo you can possibly create. Richard says that far from being a gym-only hair staple, the ponytail is actually the ideal updo. “Choose a low ponytail, a high one on top of your head, on the middle of your hair or in the back, then just wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail,” he told us. Wrapping hair around the base of the ponytail will hide the elastic band and lends some sophistication to any pony you choose.

You Can Have Clean Hair
There’s an age-old adage that dirty hair is better for updos, but that’s not necessarily the case. Roche told us that you can have clean hair, but you’re definitely going to need to add product in. “If you don’t put anything in it and it’s super clean, then it’s too slippery and it [the hair] gets away from you,” she says. When Roche stopped by the Daily Makeover offices to show us the ins and outs of holiday updos, she prepped clean hair with a combo of Pureology’s Smoothing Lotion ($28, ulta.com) and a cream gel to build texture and volume, which then gave it more control—no grease required!

Prep Your Roots
If you’re working with dry hair, this is essential in getting your hair to do what you want it to. Before starting to create your style, spray your roots with a little water to change the part. “Otherwise the roots are stuck going wherever they are going, so it won’t lay right,” explains Roche.

Tease the Right Way
Many updos require teasing at the crown to create more volume, so the hair isn’t just laying flat to the head. But the downside to teasing? Knots. Lots and lots of knots. To avoid this, only backcomb the two to three inches near the crown of the head. This is what Roche says will eliminate knotting. She says you can even brush through the lengths of the hair to avoid tangles in the future.

Braid Your Hair
Those of us with fine or slippery hair occasionally struggle with actually getting our hair twisted into a bun. One way to keep your hair in that coif, and add some texture to it, too, is to braid the lengths, says Roche. Added hold and a touch of drama—what more could you want?

The Bobby Pin Trick That Will Change Your Life
Sick of all your bobby pins falling out? This is life-changing. According to Roche, the opening of your bobby pin should always be facing up. “Gravity pulls down,” she says. “So if the open end is pointing down towards the ground, it can slide out. Position it facing up, it can’t go anywhere.”

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