What Makeup to Wear to Every Type of Holiday Party

Augusta Falletta

holiday makeup

With the holiday season well underway, it seems like there’s a holiday party practically every night. Whether you’re getting together for a gift exchange with friends or meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, your makeup is just as important (if not more important than) your outfit when it comes to parties. Not all parties are created equal, however, so what works for one may not work for another. To get a full-on education in what to wear for every type of holiday party, we turned to Mark celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Below are Jamie’s suggestions for what kind of makeup to wear for every occasion this season!

Gift Exchange With Friends 

“When you’re among friends, you want to look great, but natural—almost angelic. I love the look of dewy cheeks with icy pink hues, where you look girly and light. For this look, I’d use Touch & Glow by mark to highlight your cheekbones and underneath your brow bone. Use Wonder Gloss Lip Shine in a natural color like peach or nude. To finish off the look, really go crazy with a mascara like Diorshow in black. Overall, you’ll have a glow and you’ll be excited, but you won’t look like you’re trying too hard.”

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Ugly Sweater Party

“For an ugly sweater party, go with the theme of things you want to wear but never have a place to try them out. Go for things like false lashes with glitter on the tips, or jeweled lip tattoos or eye tattoos. Experiment with makeup that usually scares you, whether that be a bold red lip or false lashes. Be careful to pick just one thing, though. Don’t go over the top and make yourself look like a clown. Now’s the time to be matchy-matchy with your sweater! I’d wear Ardell Glitter Lashes or Violent Lips Lip Tattoos, in a really fun red cheetah print or something.”

Intimate Dinner Party

“When you’re out at an intimate dinner party, it almost always means dim lighting and lots of noise, so it’s my favorite time to wear a clean makeup look but a bright pop of lip color. You’re talking closely with people and making great connections, but it’s so dim that the only thing you’ll be able to see is a bold lip color, which is perfect when the attention is on your mouth. I really love Cha Cha by mark and Live Large by Bare Minerals for bright holiday lips. To make the lip color last through dinner, apply it in levels. Begin by using a lip scrub to remove any oils from your lips, then apply a light lip stain in the same color family as the lipstick. Next, swipe on a layer of lipstick, then using your ring finger, dab a veil of translucent powder over your lips, sealing it with one more layer of lipstick. Make sure each layer is thin — if you feel texture, it’s too much.”

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Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Parents

“Judgement night! The focus should be on your personality and natural beauty, not the products you put on your face. My favorite festive look is the flushed cheeks and white eyes, like you just came in from being out in the snow for a couple of hours. Use Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek Pots on your lips and cheeks for a healthy dose of color, then fill in your lower lash line with eyeliner, but just enough to fill it in—not to make it look like you’re wearing eyeliner. Next, take I-mark in Fairy Dust  and sweep it over your lid, and finish your eyes with a few coats of mascara. This will give you a gorgeous look, but it won’t make your face the topic of conversation. You want to keep things simple here. No one wants a fake eyelash to fall in the soup at dinner.”

Image via Paul Bradbury/Getty Images