10 Chic Holiday Hairstyles to Master This Season

Rachel Krause

If you don’t have holiday hairstyles on your mind already, well, now would be the time to start. We love holiday beauty because, between parties, events, and other celebrations, it’s the ideal time to try out the looks you’ve been dying to take out on the town (or just to your family’s living room). These 10 chic holiday hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous, and they’re not difficult, either—so just about anybody can master them before the year ends.

sleek ponytail holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Sleek Ponytail
A loose, low-slung ponytail has an effortless chicness—and it’s pretty effortless to create, too. Warm a few drops of a shine serum in the palms of your hands and smooth it over the lengths of the hair for a soft glassy finish, and use a thin hairband to secure the ponytail at its base around the nape of the neck. Sprinkle some texturizing powder at the crown for a bit of subtle volume that balances out the sleekness of the look.

hair accessory holiday hairstyle

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Hair accessories are having a moment right now, from simple black ribbons worn as headbands to quirky embellished wraps. Wear them with a center part and loose hair for a retro girlish effect, or with braided pigtails—it’s all very Brigitte Bardot.

retro volume holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Subtle Volume
Like a bouffant kicked down several notches, brushed-back volume at the back of the head and a sleek side part makes for a low-key take on glamour and can be adapted for any hair texture. Create a sleek side part on a smooth blowout (or air-dried waves—the choice is yours) and backcomb at the crown, then smooth a section of hair over the “bump.”

french twist holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Messy French Twist
If you’re up for a challenge—or have just mastered the French twist, and if so, more power to you—then spring for this cool messy updo. Best (and most easily) achieved on unwashed hair with a bit of grip, use bobby pins to secure the look, and a fine mist of medium-hold hairspray to finish it off.

twisted updo holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Knotted Bun
A twisted, almost pretzel-like bun on still-shiny second day hair is a major do. Begin by starting to create a French braid, then finish off the rest of the hair with a regular braid. Twist the braid into a bun shape, then secure with pins. Finish off the look with a mist of light-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

messy chic holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Messy Texture
For the girl who loves to look a little bit mussed, it doesn’t get much better than this loose, slightly off-center style. Best done on unwashed hair (music to our ears), this look requires little more than a texturizing spray and a good scrunch, but you can also use a medium-barrel curling iron to impart some extra texture. Work a texturizing powder into the root and crown area, then finish it off with a drop of smoothing serum or a light mist of shine spray. The look should be soft and touchable rather than stiff, so only make use of a hairspray if absolutely necessary.

messy ponytail holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Twisted Ponytail
A cool, youthful twist on the classic pony, this style is so easy but appears elegant and “done.” Just pull the hair into a low ponytail, leaving out a thick section at the nape of the neck. Wrap that section around the base of the pony to hide the hairband, then pin in place. Done.

slick bun holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Slicked-Back Bun
This look has two equally effective functions: It’s excellent for anyone who loves to look sleek and sophisticated, and it also works great on-the-go for soaking wet hair. Use a generous amount of strong-hold gel to slick the hair back away from the forehead, then twist the lengths of the hair until they wrap into a bun. Secure with bobby pins … and more gel.

fishtail braid holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Half-Up Fishtail
Braid enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Pull the upper layers of hair into a half-up ponytail, then create a fishtail braid and secure with another hairband at the end. The hair should be sufficiently texturized, and not quite messy—but a little bit of frizz and imperfection is more than acceptable.

messy bun holiday hairstyle

Photo: ImaxTree

Low Twisted Bun
Making the case for messy chic once again, the loose strands and soft texture give this updo an insouciant vibe. All you have to do is tie the lengths of the hair into a knot twice, then secure with pins. Leave out a bit of the tail of the hair to finish it off, and add some texture at the crown with a bit of texturizing powder or a separating cream.

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