How Your Fashion Hoarding is Effecting the Earth

When it comes to being eco-friendly, let’s face it: We’re all guilty of a few transgressions. However, as fashion lovers and unapologetic shoppers, it always gives us a jolt to hear that one of our most-loved pastimes could have detrimental effects on the earth. (Uh, 700 gallons of water to produce a single shirt? It’s true.)

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So, we were more than happy when our friends at ultra-hip online clothing swap site Bib and Tuck—which considers educating consumers on the environmental impact of fashion to be an integral part of its mission—decided to visually make a case for buying used and selling what we no longer wear.

In honor of Earth Day—and, really, every other day too—pay attention to the mind-blowing infographic below, then head over to Bib & Tuck to start swapping!

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