H&M Is Launching a Beauty Collection This Fall

Victoria Moorhouse
Photo by H&M

Photo by H&M

Now you’ll be stopping by H&M for way more than super affordable takes on trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Lipstick (and a ton of other goods) will be added to your shopping list! This super-convenient shopping landmark of style (try to walk out of there right now without buying something) is launching a beauty collection come fall of 2015, joining the ranks of stores like Forever21, J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and even more retailers who offer apparel as well as makeup, hair, and body products.

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The announcement comes by way of a press release, where the company relays that the collection will feature over 700 products come launch in categories including hair care, body care, makeup, and tools. Basically, start saving up your cash because it’ll be hard not to resist, especially given the fact that there will be new limited-edition additions and products based on the seasons.

The entire launch will be split into two lines—a “premium beauty line” and one that follows the trend of the brand’s conscious collection, which will be “Ecocert-approved sustainable products.” This new collection is also said to be replacing the products you may now find in the store and will be available in over 900 stories as well as online.

And judging from one of the pictures that H&M released, the product packing looks pretty swanky! Who wouldn’t want that living on their vanity?

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