Fact: The Longest-Lasting Lip Stain on the Market is Under $10

Rachel Adler


Let me be real–all I truly want in life (aside from success, money and happiness, OK fine) is a lip product that can actually stay put through a few slices of pizza and a couple of drinks. The most embarrassing thing to happen anyone, let alone a person who works in the beauty field, is to step away mid-meal only to discover your awesomely saturated lip shade has morphed into a pale ghostly ring around your mouth. #Ugh.

In order to prevent this lip gaffe, I spend a ton my time road-testing every deep shade I can get my hands on for staying power. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter if those dark reds, berries and burgundies look amazing upon application—if they can’t keep up with normal activities like eating, drinking, talking, and commuting, they’re meaningless.

So, when I tried out H&M’s new Gossamer Lip Stain ($9.99) on a whim, I was more than pleasantly surprised when it didn’t budge through an entire dinner. My shade of choice is Centre of Attention (naturally) a vibrant pink hue that honestly works on my relatively pale skin no matter what the season due to it’s flattering blue undertones. Plus, the lightweight stain is super-hydrating and has a slight sheen when it dries down.

The trick to this stain, though: Apply it to your lips (after you’ve exfoliated, girls–no one wants flakes!) and do not push them together like you would with an ordinary lipstick. Let it set for a couple of seconds, and your color will sink in like you were born with a bright pink pout–trust me, nothing will make this baby move.

Just be warned, when it comes time to take it off you’ll want an oil cleanser on hand and some scrubbing power–when I say that it really stays put, I mean it.

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