Beauty Buzz: Even Hillary Clinton Pays A Beauty “Tax,” More

Lauren Keller
Getty Images

Getty Images

1. Even one of the most powerful women in politics can’t escape the challenges of everyday beauty. Hillary Clinton shares a light-hearted moment on Facebook about getting ready on the campaign trail. [Bustle]

2. One of those mornings where you just can’t seem to stay awake? Fake it till you make it (or at least until you have a cup of coffee) with this life-changing eyeliner trick. [Glamour]

3. We’re absolutely loving the Korean beauty trends making their way over to the states. Here’s the latest upgrade on at home face masks. [Daily Makeover]

4. Glamorous curls makes almost every girl’s #hairgoals list. One editor tried out four different types of rollers to see which gave her the best result. [Allure]

5. True Life: I’m Addicted to My Lip Balm. Well, maybe. Find out here if there’s any truth to this common Internet rumor. [Byrdie]