This Model’s Latest Beauty Treatment Looks Pretty Painful

Rachel Krause

Photo: Instagram

Just because we’ve actually tried cupping doesn’t mean we’re excluded from shouting in terror every time we see yet another celebrity rocking post-treatment bruises. Thank heavens model Hilary Rhoda hashtagged “#cupping” in this Instagram shot, because if she hadn’t, we may very well have assumed the worst.

Not to worry—the marks are, indeed, the residual bruises from the ancient Chinese treatment. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the lowdown: Cupping utilizes suction as a massage-like method, using pressure to pull the muscles upward, rather than applying pressure to the muscles themselves. It has many supposed benefits, including relief for chronic pain, stress, and stiffness.

As for why Hilary was undergoing the treatment, she added in a caption: “The cure to this chronic back/neck pain?! Please let it be!” If acupuncture, deep-tissue massages, and now cupping are any indication, sometimes you’ve got to weather a little discomfort to get real results.

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