Hilary Duff Goes Makeup-Free While Shopping for a Christmas Tree in L.A.

Hilary Duff Goes Makeup-Free While Shopping for a Christmas Tree in L.A.
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We’ve seen a lot of celebs makeup-free this year, thanks in part to a new movement that places value on letting your natural beauty shine. Alicia Keys is the queen of this new girl gang, showing up on red carpets with her gorgeous skin as her best accessory, but today the star of that show is none other than Hilary Duff, who was spotted out and about in Los Angeles sans makeup with her adorable 4-year-old son, Luca, in tow.

Duff filmed little Luca racing around a Christmas tree warehouse, blissed out as hell and ISO the perfect tree.

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For someone who likes to kick back and relax, it makes sense that Duff wouldn’t be champing at the bit to do full makeup for a chill daytime outing with her son. Duff once told Pride Source that her idea of a good night is “being with four or five really good friends that all know each other, so we all have a lot in common.” She continued by adding that getting loose is key. “Laughing a lot, having a few drinks and maybe dancing a little bit. Having a good meal. A lot of times we go to the Hollywood Bowl—that’s always a good time for me. There’s something about that place that’s magic.”

In other words, you won’t catch Duff sitting in a glam room à la a Kardashian all day. She’d rather be having a good time. For what it’s worth, Hilary: You look great!

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