Makeover Alert! Hilary Duff Shows Off Her New Bob

Rachel Krause

Photo: hilaryduff/Instagram

Hilary Duff certainly isn’t afraid to go bold with her look: From dark lipstick to platinum hair, Hil is a beauty adventuress after our own hearts.

Just in time for summer, the actress is shaking it up once again with a brand-new haircut. While Hilary has experimented with different hair colors in the past, she’s been sporting long locks pretty consistently since her “Lizzie McGuire” days, which is why this long, choppy bob is way different than what we’re used to seeing on her.

Hilary shared a photo to Instagram on Thursday showing hairstylist Marcus Francis in the process of giving her the big chop, then revealed the finished look shortly after. We love this edgy, insouciant style, and we have to say, it’s seeming less like a trend and more like a rite of seasonal passage for a significant amount of starlets this year.

So now we’re wondering… who’s next?

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