This 10-Second Makeup Trick Lifts Your Entire Face

Wendy Rodewald

We’re kind of know-it-alls when it comes to beauty tricks, but even we have to admit we’ve never used our concealer like this before. Recently, we asked Amanda Bell, a makeup artist for Pixi Beauty, to show us some of her best tricks for creating subtle contours on the face — and she dropped this gem on us. Watch and see how drawing whiskers on your face (yes, like a cat’s!) can give your entire face a lift.

Step 1: Use a matte concealer stick to draw “whisker” lines on either side of your nose and mouth. Bell actually uses Pixi Crayon Combo Eye Shadow Pencil in Wide Awake ($18, Draw more vertical lines in the center of your forehead.

Step 2: With a luminous highlighter, draw more lines in between the first set you did. The highlighter lines should be on top.

Step 3: Blend with a brush. Add blush and/or cheek contour if desired.

The result: Your cheekbones and brow look lifted and your entire face looks more awake. Easy, right?

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