5 Foods That Have More Sugar Than a Candy Bar

snickers 5 Foods That Have More Sugar Than a Candy Bar

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There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a candy bar every now and then, but we’re guessing you don’t eat them on a daily basis since you know they’re high in sugar. Well, we’ve got some bad news for you: Candy’s not the only thing that’s O.D.ing on the sweet stuff. All of these seemingly healthful foods contain more than 27 grams of sugar, which is the amount you’ll find in a standard-size chocolate candy bar:

Jamba Juice Banana Berry Smoothie (small)
This contains a whopping 60 grams of sugar—yikes! To cut the sugar count significantly, ask to “Make it Light” (although you’ll still be dealing with 32 grams).

PowerBar Performance Energy Bar in Citrus Burst
If it has citrus in it, it’s probably good for you, right? Not exactly. While each bar contains 6 grams of protein, they also pack a whopping 29 grams of sugar. PowerBar has options with less of the sweet stuff, so opt for one of those instead.

Starbucks Greek Yogurt with Honey Parfait
This is another secret sugar bomb. With 30 grams of sugar, you may as well go for something with fruit that’s more likely to actually satisfy your sugar cravings. Or, better yet, choose one of their breakfast sandwiches. Full of protein!

Cranberries are naturally quite tart. So to make them more palatable, many companies will add sugar to the dried version. Each ¼ cup of Craisins, for example, contains 29 grams.

Grape Juice
Grape juice has plenty of nutritional plus-sides—but its sugar content isn’t one of them. Each 8-ounce glass is loaded with 36 grams.

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