High-Powered Pampering At Home! Five Beauty Gadgets That Are Worth The Cost

Rachel Adler
High-Powered Pampering At Home! Five Beauty Gadgets That Are Worth The Cost
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Many of us will go to great lengths for beauty, spending our cash on the finest grooming treatments around town. With saving money on the mind, however, our interests have been piqued by the influx of products created to give you a professional and pampered look from home. From vibrating mascaras to oscillating face washes, we’re curious to see if these high tech tools really have what it takes to keep us far away from those tempting facials and spa days.

What do you think about the gadgets? Leave a comment below if you’ve gone tech-savvy for beauty!

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Neutrogena's handheld exfoliating system may be the most popular of the vibrating beauty products. The power cleanser's foaming pads deep clean your skin while the vibrations gently massage your face to remove dirt and oil from deep inside your pores. Our favorite part, of course, was how bright and fresh faced our skin look afterwards! Wave Deep Clean Gentle Exfoliating System, $13.99, ulta.com

Pulsating mascaras have garnered plenty of attention, but not many of them were able to keep up the hype. With already shaky hands, there's no need to add in a frantically moving wand. We'll stick to our eyelash curlers and prescription lengtheners, thank you. If you're up for the challenge, check out Pulse Perfection Mascara, $12.99, ulta.com, but we prefer these non-motion mascaras

Lancome's oscillating foundation was perhaps the vibrating product we were most skeptical about from the get-go. But, turns out the mineral foundation product uses microvibrations to give the face a smoother less cakey appearance. Although we wish the brush were replaceable (it can't be washed), all in all we were impressed. Oscillation Power Foundation, $48, sephora.com

Silky smooth legs are a must for summer, and Venus jumped on the gizmo bandwagon with a vibrating razor. This razor's vibrating sensations exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your legs looking smoother than ever. Just make sure to keep a pack of batteries on hand – the product sucks battery power like an old laptop. Gillette Venus Vibrance Soothing Vibrations for Women, $10.99, amazon.com

Clarisonic is well known for their exfoliating deep cleansers, but this latest release combines Murad's skin brightening treatments with a gentle cleanser. While this gadget scrubs your skin clear of blackheads, the Murad treatment brightens your skin for a natural glow. Clarisonic MIA with Murad Active Radiance Serum, $149, sephora.com

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