How to Hide Split Ends in a Pinch

Rachel Krause
Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

We advocate regular trims and lots of good hair treatment in the mean time, but we’ve all been in that situation where our ends look like hay and our stylist is booked for the next two weeks. Short of high-tailing it to Supercuts, there are a few ways to conceal the appearance of dry, damaged split ends in just minutes. It’s no excuse to skip a haircut, of course, but it’ll still get you through the day.

Just the tiniest dab of Vaseline smoothed through the ends of dry hair will create the appearance of healthy, shiny hair. Keep in mind that this is strictly a quick fix: While Vaseline is super effective in making hair look better, consistent use can actually cause ends to split further. Always be sure to run shampoo through the ends of your hair after using this method to be sure that there’s no residue left behind, and condition well.

Oils with thicker consistencies, like olive, jojoba and argan, are great for smoothing split ends and making hair look a little bit healthier. They won’t create the look of a completely sealed cuticle, but unlike Vaseline or lotion, they’re nourishing to dry and damaged hair rather than the equivalent of slapping a Band-Aid over it. You can use oils that you have on hand straight from your kitchen or bathroom, or invest in a nourishing blend like Oribe Gold Lust ($48,, which also happens to be gorgeously scented.

A hand or body lotion rich in silicones like dimethicone will get the job done and keep the hair shaft looking smooth. A pea-sized amount should be sufficient, even on long hair, otherwise you risk the potential for the greasies. Rub cream between your palms first, then run it over the outer layers, smoothing a bit more product into the very ends. As with Vaseline, be sure to shampoo well to avoid leaving damaging residue behind.

The Right Hairstyle
When all else fails, turn to a hairstyle that will effectively hide your split ends. Whether it’s a low side bun or a messy top-knot, there are dozens of hairstyles that will conceal your damaged hair so effectively, you might even forget you have it in the first place.

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