Hidden Rainbow Roots is Spring’s Coolest New Hair Trend

Hidden Rainbow Roots is Spring’s Coolest New Hair Trend
Photo: ImaxTree

Alright, so we realize that almost every single week, we come to you with a brand-new hair trend that we swear will take over your Instagram in a matter of hours. But we’re not lying! The internet is just a very, very, fast-moving place, where trends burst forth brightly and then die just as quickly. Which is why we need to introduce you to hidden rainbow roots, the latest—and brightest—hair trend that’s quickly becoming our new favorite dye trend. At least, you know, for the next few days.

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Rainbow roots is the brainchild of Blondies of Melbourne, an Australian-based salon that specializes in multi-colored hair. And though you can scroll through the feed and see zillions of bright-hued dyes, one in particular has stood out—mainly for its subdued, slightly hidden finish. We present to you hidden rainbow roots, the effect of bleaching just the first inch of your roots and then dyeing them a mix of colors. The result is basically the funfetti cake of hairstyles—chill on the outside, party on the inside.

If you want to get this look at home, uh, don’t. Go to a salon, find a trusted colorist, and make sure you understand that the grow-out phase of this style will be weird af, but just embrace it and go with it. Scroll down to see the final pictures, and make a salon appointment a.s.a.p., before this trend implodes and dies.







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